DJ Specialist's Company Standards

At DJ Specialist,

we will always:

Put you first,

Tell you the truth,

Treat you with respect,

Give you our very best,

Return your calls promptly,

Answer all of your questions,

Be willing to go the extra mile,

Keep your guest entertained,

Make your reception unique,

Deliver our best service,

Give you a fair price,

Play your requests,

Show up early,

…and we will always

smile and have fun!

At DJ Specialist,

we will never:


Make excuses,

Use foul language,

Drink alcohol or smoke,

Hit on you or your guests,

Stick you with hidden costs,

Over-book our available dates,

Sell your reception to a sub-contractor,

Do more than one reception per day,

Play music that: has foul language,

Is overtly sexual, promotes violence,

Encourages substance abuse or

 is demeaning to anyone,

…and we will never, never,

have a bad attitude!


Our Promise to You

There are many details that go into planning a party. We offer professional, reliable, quality entertainment. We want you to be 100% satisfied. But even more than that, we want you to be delighted (and we expect that you will be), so we give the
following service guarantee to every customer:


* The volume will be set to appropriate levels at all times. During cocktails and lunch/dinner, we play music softly enough so that guests can carry on conversations without having to shout. When it's time to dance, the music is made louder, but not painfully so. Usually we are right on the money with our volume settings, but if you should ever find it to be either too loud or too soft, tell us and we'll adjust the volume level to your preference.

* We will arrive on time. Whenever possible, our equipment will be set up, tested, and sound checked before your guests arrive.

* All staff (DJs, MCs, Dancers, etc.) will be dressed appropriately. We dress to please. Your event may require formal tuxedos, or, you may prefer us to be dressed semi-formal, or casual. If you are having a themed party, a costume may be the proper attire. Whatever the event, we will dress appropriately. There is never an added fee for formal attire.

* We will act professionally. We won't drink alcohol or smoke before or during your event. We will treat you and your guests with professional courtesy.

* When children are present, we will work hard to keep objectionable lyrics out of our show and keep it "family-friendly."

*  We will coordinate with you and your other event professionals (i.e., banquet manager, photographer, videographer) to ensure that your event flows smoothly and all of your special memories are recorded on film.

* We will use only professional and well-maintained equipment. Your party will NEVER have to end early due to equipment failure. Our high quality sound systems include professional brands, such as Denon, Rane, QSC, JBL, Electro-Voice and Sennheiser. Our main speakers are elevated on stands to project the sound above the crowd, not into them. Proper speaker placement allows coverage of a large area without having to crank the volume to excessive levels. Our equipment is rack-mounted and appears neat, clean andattractive. Through our sound processors, you can be assured that our sound system will be adjusted to the acoustics of your room.

* Your event will receive our full attention. You deserve nothing less.

* You are entitled to receive a personal entertainment consultation (except for the Basic No-Frills Privte Party DJ Package (a non-wedding reception, mitzvah, corporate, or school event) which does not include a consultation) carefully covering all the details of your party. Whenever possible the consultation will be held at least one month prior to the event (not one or two days before), and will usually be conducted by the DJ or MC responsible for your party. This allows us to organize and personalize your party in advance, and prevents the headaches of having to make last-minute decisions at the reception. To ensure that no details are lost, we will help you fill out one of our party planners.

* We are always available to discuss details of your event by telephone, fax, or email. We will give you our cell phone number so that you can quickly reach us in an emergency. The week of the event we will check back with you to make those last-minute confirmations.

* All conditions on your contract will be fulfilled.

We started DJ Specialist because we love to play music and entertain. We take great pride in our work. We strive to make each performance our best. Whether playing for a large formal gathering or a small backyard party, we treat every event with the professional courtesy and attention that it deserves. To ensure this, we have written formal standards for our staff.


"Excellence... Is to do a common thing in an uncommon way." - Booker T. Washington
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