Due to the nature of the business, we are unable to quote a flat fee for all events, and still give you the best service, sound quality, light show or music selection for your party dollar.  There are several factors that go into the pricing of an event, such as:

  • Type of event

    • Generally a wedding reception or a high school prom would cost more than a pool party .
  • When?
    • Friday & Saturday nights are premium nights.

    • December is a premium month.
  • Where?

    • Travel outside of Harris County may be extra.
  • How many people and size of venue?
    • Determines what size sound system is needed.
  • What is the venue?
    • Some venues do not have elevator access to upper floors.
  • Party favors.
    • Giveaways, prizes, etc..

BEWARE of companies that:

  • Charge EXTRA for a dj to wear a tuxedo
  • A low fee with "light show included."

  • Quote you a flat fee for all shows

Hiring a Professional Disc Jockey for your event should be a thought out process, not a quick, rash decision. 

Miscellaneous Additional Fees

  • Reservation fee: Usually 1/2 (50%) of the contract price is required to reserve DJ Specialist and lock these prices in for your event. The reservation fee is subtracted from the total balance (the remainder of which is due the week of your event).
  • Road Hands/Assistants: Most banquet facilities have roll-up access. If your reception/party room requires equipment to be carried up stairs or onto a stage, across a lawn, or over a large distance (typically 200 feet or more) an additional fee will be charged for extra road hands: $100 for one of our small systems, $200 for our big system or when extra equipment (such as lights) is included. If you or your venue requires us to setup in less than our standard setup time, additional road hands may be required at $100 each.
  • Early Setup Charges: We normally arrive to setup one to two hours before our scheduled start of entertainment. Additional charges may apply if you require us to setup more than two hours before our start time. These are handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Distance Charges: Our primary service area (for which there is no distance charge) includes Houston (Harris County). 

At the discretion of  DJ Specialist , distance charges may be reduced or waived for contracts that are over $1,500 (before distance charges).

For more information go to "How to Hire a DJ," or: CALL:  713.991.7866


"Excellence... Is to do a common thing in an uncommon way." - Booker T. Washington
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